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Weaving wool and alpaca scarves

I have just been weaving two wool and alpaca scarves. For the warp I used soft grey lambswool from a small mill in Aberdeenshire and for the weft, my favourite alpaca yarn from Devon. Take a look at how the weaving progresses.

First I warp up the loom, threading the wool through the heddles and tying it to the front beam.

October Weave Dunino 005                                    October Weave Dunino 008


Then I weave the weft yarn and the scarf begins to grow, slowly being wound around the front beam.

Latest weaves 002           Latest weaves 012


The second scarf with different colours.

New scarves 2 001                                 New scarves 2 015


Once the weaving is finished, the scarves are cut from the loom.

scarves 3 004

I am now in the process of finishing the scarves, which involves washing the cloth to sett the fabric, tiding up the ends and making the fringe. In the next blog I will be able to show you the completed scarves ready to put in my shop.


Photo shoot of new shawls for my shop.

April 2013 Mill & wraps 025  April 2013 Mill & wraps 064  April 2013 Mill & wraps 070 April 2013 Mill & wraps 045

I was down on West Sands beach, St Andrews today, taking photographs of some new shawls I’ve woven. Take a look in my shop. It’s a beautiful location for a photo shoot, sandwiched between the sea and the Royal & Ancient golf course. I took the last picture for inspiration. The soft browns, blues and whites would make a lovely wool and alpaca stripy scarf.