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New cotton and linen shawls for spring.

Here are 3 new cotton and linen shawls which have just been added to my shop.

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Boarhill’s Beach

Feb 23 A 0651             Feb 23 A 076

Feb 23 013                      Feb 23 015                    Feb 23 022


Fruits of the Perthshire Woodlands.


Feb 23 A 092   Feb 23 024   2



Cairngorm Mountains


4   1    3










Shades of Suilven.

This is a cotton and linen shawl inspired by the moorland around the slopes of Suilven, a Scottish mountain in West Sutherland. The photograph was taken on a visit to the area last summer. The richness of the pinks and purples contrasting with the lush green grasses and the grey mountain where calling to be woven!

Click on any of the images to enlarge them… and see the detail!

green shawl 044   green shawl 004   green shawl 025

Julia's NW hol 143

green shawl 026

green shawl 016





Art in Action. July 2015

Thank you to everyone who came to visit me and my son at Art in Action in the grounds of Waterperry House in Oxfordshire. This was my first time exhibiting and teaching at the show and I had a wonderful time. The 4 day show was hard work zipping between taking children’s weaving classes and attending my stand, but the response to my work was very good and I thank everyone who bought from me.

Here are a few images. Click on them to enlarge.


5      2


6     7

01     3

‘Meet Your Maker’ Event – Cambo Estate, Fife.


I am taking part in the Craft Scotland / Cambo Estate, ‘Meet Your Maker’ event this Sunday, (22nd March 2015), along with 5 other craft makers. See the link – http://www.craftscotland.org/about-us/our-work/meetyourmaker/Cambo-Eastate.html

Come along if you can. I’ll be demonstrating weaving on a 4 shaft table loom and you can have a go for yourself. Also includes pop-in weaving activities for children.

It should be lots of fun. Why not come along and say hello!

The finished scarves.

Here are the finished scarves, all topped and tailed and ready to go out into the world! Although, as you can see they have already had their first outing into the Fife countryside. If you like them, you can now find them in my shop. See you there!


001                      0001                     00001

Click on these smaller photographs if you would like to see larger images of the Fife countryside at 8:30 am one sunny November morning.


Weaving wool and alpaca scarves

I have just been weaving two wool and alpaca scarves. For the warp I used soft grey lambswool from a small mill in Aberdeenshire and for the weft, my favourite alpaca yarn from Devon. Take a look at how the weaving progresses.

First I warp up the loom, threading the wool through the heddles and tying it to the front beam.

October Weave Dunino 005                                    October Weave Dunino 008


Then I weave the weft yarn and the scarf begins to grow, slowly being wound around the front beam.

Latest weaves 002           Latest weaves 012


The second scarf with different colours.

New scarves 2 001                                 New scarves 2 015


Once the weaving is finished, the scarves are cut from the loom.

scarves 3 004

I am now in the process of finishing the scarves, which involves washing the cloth to sett the fabric, tiding up the ends and making the fringe. In the next blog I will be able to show you the completed scarves ready to put in my shop.


Autumn in Glen Tilt.

I took a walk with ‘C minor’ up Glen Tilt yesterday, in Highland Perthshire. Beautiful autumn colours. I managed to take some new photographs of scarves for my shop. Why not take a look, I have just down loaded them!

Click on the photographs to enlarge them, (more in my shop).

GlenTilt Oct2013 002    GlenTilt Oct2013 097    GlenTilt Oct2013 043

GlenTilt Oct2013 030    GlenTilt Oct2013 149    GlenTilt Oct2013 087

GlenTilt Oct2013 178    GlenTilt Oct2013 183    GlenTilt Oct2013 181

GlenTilt Oct2013 154    GlenTilt Oct2013 132   GlenTilt Oct2013 115