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Scotland’s hot!

I just had to show you some images of the walk I did this morning. The weather forecast for Scotland today is hot and getter hotter! It’s almost hard to believe. Fife is really blooming. Perhaps it is all part of the Andy Murray effect, rippling out from Wimbledon!

HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 014       HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 036       HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 019

HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 057       HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 071       HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 077

HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 084        HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 049       HOT sunnt June 9th 2013 101

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Views from the summit of Tolmount.

I just can’t get into my walking boots enough at the moment and that’s because the weather has been so dry lately. In Scotland, you can never predict how long a good dry spell will last. JM and her dog Poppy accompanied me again on this walk and we climbed Tolmount one of Scotland’s 282 Munros (not that I am counting!). We are looking north here down Glen Callater, towards Braemar. What I love about this view is that you can just see the heather starting to develop. It will be in full bloom by late August and the contrast it creates with the greens and browns is just stunning and I love to weave with these colours. There are scarves in my shop inspired by views like this!

WalkJuliet June2013 004

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