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Shades of Suilven.

This is a cotton and linen shawl inspired by the moorland around the slopes of Suilven, a Scottish mountain in West Sutherland. The photograph was taken on a visit to the area last summer. The richness of the pinks and purples contrasting with the lush green grasses and the grey mountain where calling to be woven!

Click on any of the images to enlarge them… and see the detail!

green shawl 044   green shawl 004   green shawl 025

Julia's NW hol 143

green shawl 026

green shawl 016





Handwoven shawls inspired by Elie Beach

These are my latest two shawls, which were inspired by the colours of Elie Beach in Fife. They are now in my shop, along with other photographs.

The first is made of 100% Swedish linen. Colours: grey and sand.


11   19   18


The second wrap is made of 75% Swedish linen and 25% mercerized cotton from the USA. Colours: sea blue and sand.


3    5   2 (2)