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Meet Your Maker at the Haining, Selkirk, Scottish Borders. 8th – 11th August 2014.

Thank you to every body who came to visit me at the Meet Your Maker Event at the Haining, over the weekend. It was lovely to see so many enthusiastic people wanting to learn to weave! The youngest was 2 years and 9 months ( helped by her aunt!) and the oldest used to work in the Selkirk woollen mills many years ago. It was lovely to meet you all. Here are a few memories of the weekend.


MYM 2014 056

MYM 2014 014      MYM 2014 125

MYM 2014 118      MYM 2014 012

MYM 2014 062      MYM 2014 072

Countryside Crafts: Teacher’s Resource Pack

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) and the Heritage Crafts Association have come together to produce a teachers resource pack on six different countryside crafts. My woven clothes project for children between 7-12 years was chosen to represent weaving. (I blogged about this back in June when Simon Chaplan came up to take photographs). This resource is about to be launched on the FACE website, www.face-online.org.uk and will I understand, be accessible on the schools pages. There will be lots of information about each of the crafts and their connections to farming and the countryside, as well as a profile of each maker. Individual activities include step by step instructions, with lots of photographs of each stage. Links are also shown to different areas of the national curriculum.

My activity is called ‘How clothes are made’. I talk about the different fibres from the British countryside and how these have been used historically in making fabrics in the UK, as well as new future resources, such as yarns made from milk! If you are a teacher or someone just interested in weaving, I recommend the FACE website for lots of information and inspiring ideas that link children to the countryside around them.

Photograph by Simon Chaplan

Photograph by Simon Chaplan

Woven clothes 003    Woven clothes 004

Photographs of weaving activities for 7 -12 year olds.


‘Meet Your Maker’ event photographs.

I have just completed the Craft Scotland’s ‘ Meet Your Maker ‘ weekend in St Andrews Museum. It was great fun meeting people of all ages and showing them how to weave on a table loom. I shared the space with Sean and Christine from Butter Wynd Pottery who make beautiful pots and plates from local Fife clay. I learnt a thing or two about pottery making as well! It was a great opportunity to share our craft skills. Here are a few photographs of the weekend’s events.

 Meet Your Maker 2013 019


Meet Your Maker 2013 030

Meet Your Maker 2013 024

Meet Your Maker 2013 046

Meet Your Maker 2013 064

Meet Your Maker 2013 054