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Contrasts in weave pattern and colour.

Pheasant shawls 002














A design full of contrasts, both in the weave pattern and colour. I think I was looking to develop something very different and went on a journey of exploration. I hope you like the results. The colours include black, natural, red, rust orange, pink and blue. Woven in 50% Swedish linen and 50% USA cotton.

June shawls 038

June shawls 008           Pheasant shawls 066

Pheasant shawls 006

Looking for snow!

It’s the school half term holidays and we have gone looking for snow (would you believe!). Fife seems to exist in it’s own little micro climate. We have missed the winds and flooding in the south of England and the snow has passed us by heading for the Munros and the Highlands further north. Today we took a walk in the hills just north of Dunkeld, in the foothills of the Perthshire Highlands. There was just enough snow for one 13 year old dedicated cross country skier (who has been very inspired by the Winter Olympics!). As for me, well I enjoyed the effects of the low cloud on the rusty browns, greens and greys in the landscape. The weather certainly brings out the richness of these colours.

Dunkeld walk 057

Dunkeld walk 053      Dunkeld walk 040

Dunkeld walk 038      Dunkeld walk 026

The twists of the forest.

Yesterday I took a walk in the forest above Linlithgow, which is on a hill just west of Edinburgh. I found a story of rich browns and greens as the rain stopped and the colours oozed out their best performance. There is something quite captivating about the contrast between the rich mosses on a wet dark branch. The twists and turns of these trees side by side with straight regimented lines. Pathways calling me to walk further. Nature seems to light up with electric colours after the rain. Why is that?

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Jan 2014 019   Jan 2014 096   Jan 2014 063

Jan 2014 091


A walk on the industrial side!

I took a walk yesterday along the Forth of Firth at Bo’ness (just west of Edinburgh), on a grey winters day. The town, heritage railway, mining and oil refinery all blending in with the colours of nature. I was surprised at the beautiful shades of grey, orange, blue and brown. It wasn’t such a dull day after all!

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01     Boness 101     Boness 152

Boness 148     Boness 086     Boness 144

Boness 124     Boness 155     Boness 186

Boness 195     Boness 159     Boness 082

Now look at Fife!

The Fife colours have changed again. It’s August and the landscape is ripe with wheat, barley and other crops. Once these fields would have been covered in the blue flower of flax, which must have been a beautiful sight to see. However, today’s soft shades of browns and greens seem just as lovely. I can definitely see a range of scarves and wraps inspired by these colour combinations.

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Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 066   Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 039   Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 005   Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 022   Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 069   Wheat & barley & Angus Mcfee Aug 2013 096



Views from the summit of Tolmount.

I just can’t get into my walking boots enough at the moment and that’s because the weather has been so dry lately. In Scotland, you can never predict how long a good dry spell will last. JM and her dog Poppy accompanied me again on this walk and we climbed Tolmount one of Scotland’s 282 Munros (not that I am counting!). We are looking north here down Glen Callater, towards Braemar. What I love about this view is that you can just see the heather starting to develop. It will be in full bloom by late August and the contrast it creates with the greens and browns is just stunning and I love to weave with these colours. There are scarves in my shop inspired by views like this!

WalkJuliet June2013 004

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A Fife friday walk around the Hill of Tarvit Estate.

Finally it feels like summer has arrived. Last winter was long, the spring was brief, but the summer brings hope of new colours and patterns in the landscape around Fife. These pictures were taken during a walk around the Hill of Tarvit Estate. This is a National Trust for Scotland property near to Cupar. It particularly interests me because the estate was bought in 1904 by Frederick Bower Sharp, who was a wealthy jute mill owner from Dundee.

June 2nd Blog 001  June 2nd Blog 006

June 2nd Blog 018  June 2nd Blog 027

June 2nd Blog 022  Mixed June 11 2013 086

June 2nd Blog 016

A burst of colour on a Fife Friday

This morning as I walked out the door, the birds were singing so loudly, it felt like they knew something that I didn’t. Black birds, chaffinches, great tits and starlings . Even swallows. I followed them for a  while and they lead me to a burst of colour in the woodland. I felt like singing too! I love the new spring greens and natures colours that blend with them. Have a look for yourself.

Mayblog 001  Mayblog 007

Mayblog 015   Mayblog 032

Mayblog 020   Mayblog 039