Looking for snow!

It’s the school half term holidays and we have gone looking for snow (would you believe!). Fife seems to exist in it’s own little micro climate. We have missed the winds and flooding in the south of England and the snow has passed us by heading for the Munros and the Highlands further north. Today we took a walk in the hills just north of Dunkeld, in the foothills of the Perthshire Highlands. There was just enough snow for one 13 year old dedicated cross country skier (who has been very inspired by the Winter Olympics!). As for me, well I enjoyed the effects of the low cloud on the rusty browns, greens and greys in the landscape. The weather certainly brings out the richness of these colours.

Dunkeld walk 057

Dunkeld walk 053      Dunkeld walk 040

Dunkeld walk 038      Dunkeld walk 026