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The twists of the forest.

Yesterday I took a walk in the forest above Linlithgow, which is on a hill just west of Edinburgh. I found a story of rich browns and greens as the rain stopped and the colours oozed out their best performance. There is something quite captivating about the contrast between the rich mosses on a wet dark branch. The twists and turns of these trees side by side with straight regimented lines. Pathways calling me to walk further. Nature seems to light up with electric colours after the rain. Why is that?

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Woolly waves and water droplets.

I have just added this new scarf to my shop. It was inspired by another day spent on St Andrews beach watching the waves and the sea spray. The scarf is made of lambswool from Shetland, worsted wool from Wales and alpaca from Devon, England. One side of the scarf shows the waves and the other shows the water droplets. Beautiful blues reflecting the sea and the sky. The scarf has been finished off with 4 hand felted stones at each end.

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